About Rointe

Energy smart heating,
for extraordinary warmth.

Heating is not just an essential item in a home, it provides comfort as well as warmth. That’s why for over 30 years, we have created cutting-edge electric heating solutions that you can trust. Quite simply, we develop the electric heating systems that we install in our own homes.

Here at Rointe, we believe that everyone has the right to efficient and affordable heating. It’s the guiding principle behind our work and reinforces our belief that advanced technology, combined with quality materials and smart controls, maximises energy savings for every user.

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Our vision

To replace dated and inefficient gas heating with a modern electric solution, so that everyone can experience luxurious heat at a limited cost.

Our promise

We deliver the perfect electric heating solution, designed for true comfort, that balances the ecological needs of our world.

Our philosophy

At Rointe, we create extraordinary warmth using advanced technology. We dream big and then do it, working together to shape the future of heating.

Our journey so far

We were founded in 1985 by an experienced plumber that listened to the needs of his customers. He discovered they wanted a heating system without pipes or maintenance and so, Rointe heating was born.

From the beginning, we’ve been designing and producing clean, efficient and ecologically friendly heating systems, that are capable of providing maximum comfort and energy savings. We started with one radiator, the Royal Termic. Now we have an extensive, above industry standard range of solutions designed to be one complete system, or as an addition to an existing one to enhance your comfort. Our portfolio includes radiators, towel rails and water heaters.

Technology is always evolving and our experience and expertise is matched by a desire to innovate and evolve.

Here at Rointe, we dream big, and then we do it. That’s why we continuously invest in the latest smart controls, high-quality European materials and modern designs, along with developing our very own exclusive, low consumption technologies to improve the efficiency of our products.

We’re also dedicated to helping our customers reduce energy costs in any way we can. So we also include the latest energy saving functions, like Open Windows and efficiency indicators, along with advice and guidance when you need it.

We’re also committed to you, the customer. That’s why we offer a 360º service, designed to help you make the right heating choice for your needs. As a market leader, we can offer you extensive guarantees, compliance with the most demanding regulations and easy installation by one of our trusted installers.

By choosing a Rointe electric heating product, you’re joining our family and our team work hard to ensure your experience is second to none.

Backed by over 30 years of success, Rointe heating is a trusted name in creating and delivering efficient and ecological electric heating solutions for your warmth and comfort.

Be a part of heating history and let us shape your future.