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Rointe heating installations are fast, easy and modern, as they don’t require chimneys, flues or pipes to function. Just a simple connection to the electrical network.

When purchasing a heating appliance from BuyRointe, it is important to remember that the success of your electric heating system is down to the correct sizing of the products.

With this easy to use tool, we can guide you on the correct product and size required, based upon crucial factors like climate, room area and insulation.

Complete the information below and in just a few simple steps you’ll have an estimate to a completely efficient Rointe heating installation.
Our recommendations for correct sizing

    • In areas that contain stairs or corridors, where there is a high risk of heat loss, we recommend that the result is increased by 15%.

    • For kitchens and rooms with more furniture and a higher than usual room temperature, we recommend that the result is reduced by 10%.

    • Avoid placing obstacles/objects near the radiators and distribute the radiators evenly in the room. For example, if a room of 21m2 requires 18 elements, the ideal scenario is to install 2 radiators of 9 elements with an equal distance between them.

    • Please note, you are responsible for selecting the correct size radiator for the room required. You can do this by using our calculator above to give you an estimated size of radiator, depending on room type/size/climatic zone.

    • IMPORTANT – these are estimates and should be considered as an average. If you select an incorrect size radiator for the room required, BuyRointe will not be held responsible.

Do you have a question? Perhaps you need a free Technical study for a project?

Then contact our Projects & Technical Studies department, a team of specialised engineers that study installations on a case-by-case basis.


They can answer all your questions and accurately calculate the exact heating requirements you need for a project.


We take great care to personalise your installation depending on the dimensions, geographical area, number of areas inside the house or building, materials used, load losses and a number of other parameters that you may specify when requesting your estimate.


Quality is the most important thing for us and we work hard to ensure the installation is just right for you, ensuring that it will deliver the highest efficiency possible.


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