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Note: The installers in this search have been trained to install Rointe products, but are not Rointe employees. Rointe does not take responsibility for any problems related to installation.

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      Why choose an official Rointe installer?

      Rointe heating is known throughout the industry as the trusted name in energy efficient electric heating. So far we’ve helped over 3 million customers experience true comfort and our goal is to create the same for you.
      Our success is down to the correct sizing of heating products, a dedicated after-sales service and professional installations from an extensive network of experts. Rointe heating installations are fast, easy and modern, as they don’t require chimneys, flues or pipes to function. Just a simple connection to the electrical network.

      Measuring an installation

      Before purchasing a Rointe electric radiator, we recommend that you perform a sizing calculation using our online tool. You only need to know the dimensions of the rooms in which you want to install the heating products, along with your preferred range.

      If you need assistance determining the dimensions of your installation, contact our Project team using the form below and we will recommend the best solution for your needs. If you have your building plans to hand, this will help the process.

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