D Series – 7 elements electric radiator

To heat room size up to 8 m2 ?* Please note, you are responsible for selecting the correct size radiator for the room required. You can do this by using our calculator to give you an estimated size of radiator, depending on room type/size/climatic zone. These are estimates and should be considered as an average. If you select an incorrect size radiator for the room required, buyrointe.co.uk will not be held responsible. CALCULATE YOUR SIZE

Stand out from the crowd with the D Series electric radiator. Made from 100% aluminium, it’s the first electric radiator in the world to include built-in Wi-Fi for complete control anytime, anywhere. You can adjust the temperature, monitor real-time consumption and view your costs directly from your smartphone.

This advanced radiator also boasts patented energy smart technology and functions alongside exclusive thermal mineral oil for the perfect balance between efficiency, style and comfort without increasing your costs. With a new curved design, front dissipation wings that favour natural air convection and 24/7 programming, these radiators are designed with you in mind.

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The innovative D Series radiator allows you to adjust consumption to your actual heating needs, with no loss or waste. High purity aluminium, exclusive mineral thermal oil and armoured steel heating elements ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. All D Series radiators also incorporate energy-saving technology, which allows the room to maintain a constant temperature without increasing consumption.

  • Low consumption technology – Fuzzy Energy Logic Control:

Developed and patented by Rointe, this specialised low consumption technology takes energy optimisation to the next level. It improves the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature within a variation of only ± 0.25ºC. It will also predict the amount of energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings.

  • Energy-saving functions:

As manufacturers, we are dedicated to helping our customers increase energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs in any way we can. Not only are our D Series electric radiators Lot20 compliant, we’ve also incorporated a variety of energy-saving functions into our products to help:

Open Windows – when the product detects a 4ºC temperature drop within a 30 minute time period, it will automatically move into anti-frost mode at 7ºC to prevent excessive consumption.

User mode  – allows you to set a limited temperature range with a minimum and maximum temperature for ECO and COMFORT modes. For example, setting 21ºC for the COMFORT mode and 18ºC for the ECO mode, the user can only move between temperatures in this range. It’s a useful function as it restricts the selectable temperatures and avoids energy waste.

Efficiency indicator – each radiator can verify and monitor its efficient use. Depending on the consumption, the radiator will display a coloured indicator: green for optimal efficiency, yellow if it exceeds normal efficiency and red if the radiator is working well above the estimated consumption. With this exclusive energy-saving function, you can monitor your energy consumption per radiator and therefore maximise your efficiency and increase your savings.

  • Perfectly balanced:

The D Series radiators ensure the surface temperature does not exceed 43ºC (once it has reached a steady working rate). The heat is distributed evenly throughout the radiator surface with no burn risk. Plus with specially formulated biodegradable thermal oil that provides maximum heat transfer, you can rest assured that these radiators are perfectly balanced with the lowest consumption.

  • Integrated connectivity:

The D Series radiator is the first in the world to include a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to connect an entire installation without intermediate gateways. These high power Wi-Fi modules can reach up to 100m without obstacles and our servers have a reliability of over 99%.

  • The free Rointe Connect app:

With the free Rointe Connect app, your smartphone, tablet or PC will give you easy control of your installation. You can adjust temperatures, lock the products remotely and control the expenditure on a daily basis from home, your office or on the go. With the app, you can divide the property into rooms, floors or bespoke zones and can control to suit your needs. You can program activation and shutoff at whatever time you desire, maximising your energy savings. Plus the app allows you to view real-time energy consumption reports by day, month or year along with the ability to configure different kWh prices for each hour of the day. It will also send warnings, notifications and recommendations direct to your device so you can save on consumption.

Other features include:

  • Elegant curved design for natural air convection
  • 100% aluminium body with high heat transfer fluid
  • TRP energy meter
  • 24/7 programming
  • Low surface temperature – only 43ºC during stationary period*
  • Protection Grade – IP24C
  • Lot20 compliant
  • <0.1 m/s air speed
  • User / Eco / Comfort / Anti-frost modes
  • Manual / Automatic functions
  • TFT screen with customisable background colours and touch control panel
  • Safety thermostat
  • Screen brightness control
  • Template and installation kit included


*Please note, you are responsible for selecting the correct size radiator for the room required. You can do this by using our calculator to give you an estimated size of radiator, depending on room type/size/climatic zone. These are estimates and should be considered as an average. If you select an incorrect size radiator for the room required, BuyRointe.co.uk will not be held responsible.




Additional information

Weight16.4 kg
For heating area

Up to 8 metres squared (depending on climatic zone)*




Nominal Power (W)

Voltage (V)

230 ~V

Lot20 compliant


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Depth (mm)


Installed Depth (mm)


Thermal technology

Thermal fluid

Armoured steel heating element


Air speed

<0.1 m/s

Protection Grade

IP 24C

Safety thermostat


Low consumption technology

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control

Energy saving functions

Open Windows
USER mode

Includes Wi-Fi


WiFi (wireless)


Compatible with: AIR Control remote, free Rointe Connect app


1.77" TFT screen with touch control panel

Guarantee (body)

20 years

Guarantee (electrical components)

3 years


Template and installation kit included



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